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Why We Are By Appointment  Only

That engagement ring is one of your most important purchases you will ever make and one that will last a lifetime.  You need someone who is experienced in all technical aspects and able to walk you through what is really important, not just a person experienced in sales.  Here, our customer's sit down with David every time as he educated and guides you ever step of the way with the experience of a Master Goldsmith with over 30 years of experience.


Most dealers have a lot of diamonds in stock that they would be happy to sell you. I get a selection of six-eight diamonds, sometimes more, that are specifically tailored to the budget, size and shape of stone from the conversation we had prior to the appointment so that everything a customer is looking at is within budget and also based on the cost of the style of the ring. Then we just go through the side-by-side comparison process because no two diamonds are alike even if they have the same color and clarity grade.


I recently had a customer looking for a slightly less than a  1 1/2 carat round, we did some comps on Blue Nile and they had 14 seemingly identical stones, all exactly 1.44 carat, all F in color & all SI1 in clarity but they ranged from $8,200 to $10,800. That was because of the little nuances and differences in the stones from cut, to fluorescence to strength of cert and location/size of inclusions (even though they were all GIA) etc. and that’s why we look at them in person, side-by-side.


So, for example: you could have two SI1 diamonds and one has a single large dark inclusion while the other has many more much lighter scattered inclusions. The second diamond is going to be more desirable because those inclusions are less visible to the naked eye but it’s also going to price slightly more. You are buying the diamond not the paper, and what it says, that’s why I do not recommend buying online.  I basically teach you to pay for what you can see the difference in and compromise where you can’t. The customer chooses whether to put an emphasis on size or quality and I just help guide them with that in mind. I never sell or push any particular stone that is not in the customers best interest because I have them all on consignment.

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