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One-of-a Kind Gemstones

by John Dyer

John is a master gemstone cutter know worldwide for his artistic ability and passion for precision.  He has won 44 cutting awards since 2002 taking a total of 11 first place prizes.  Amongst the many awards are 40 AGTA Cutting Edge Awards.  Additionally, John is the only gem cutter who has swept all the awards in one category of the AGTA competition, which he did in 2005, 2007 & 2015.  These many awards firmly establish him as a leader in his field.


"It's gem cutters such as John Dyer...who set the path and the precedent for designer jewelry."  Professional Jeweler Magazine



Natural gemstones exhibit their maximum bearty when combined with a fine cut.  Each one is given careful consideration to bring out the best color, brilliance, design, and overall appeal.  It is rare to find gems that have been well cut at prices that are still accessible, but the folks at John Dyer & co. and David Liska Custom Jeweler strive to bring you the finest gems possible at reasonable prices.


Gems finely cut in many styles.  From custom cut classic shapes with exceptional brilliance with flat faceting, to concave faceted and avant-garde fantasy cut ems reminiscent of modern art, we have a premier gemstone that will beautifully complement your personal style.   Brilliant faceted cuts, Concave faceting and designer "fantasy" cut gems all have their special place so we have a wide variety of each.

2015 John Dyer Awards

1st Place AGTA cutting Edge Awards

Innovative Faceting Category

Mozambique Paraiba Tourmaline

StarBrite TM  style cut


2nd Place AGTA Cutting Edge Awards

Innovative Faceting Category

Bolivian Ametrine

Nebula TM cut 




3rd Place AGTA Cutting Edge Awards

Innovative Faceting Category

"Royal Velvet" Tanzanite

StarBrite TM style cut


2014 John Dyer Awards

2nd Place AGTA Cutting Edge Awards

Innovative Faceting Category

"Tanzanian Royal" Tanzanite

Inverse Paviion




3rd Place AGTA Cutting Edge Awards

Innovative Faceting Category

Brazilian Citrine

"SunKissed" StarBrite TM cut

(For Somewhere in the Rainbow)

86.53ct fine

2nd Place AGTA Cutting Edge Awards

All other Faceted Category

"Lilac" Pink Topaz

Regal Radiant TM cut


More John Dyer Award Winning Pieces

             28.91 cttw                                 9.50 ct                             93.53 ct                            50.92 ct                                44.74 ct

    "Sunset" Ametrines              Umbalite Garnet                        Blue Topaz                   Morganite                              Citrine

                 14.43 ct                              11.04 ct                               63.57 ct                           106.84 ct                            37.74 ct

          Pink Tourmaline               Tsavorite Garnet              Orange Citrine                     Aquamarine                    Pink Morganite

               27.12 ct                             67.38 ct                               62.64 ct                              10.36 ct                              26.47 ct

          Aquamarine                    Citrine Trillion                     Golden Beryl                  Afghan Tourmaline        African Aquamarine

              27.23 ct                              46.15 ct                               20.74 ct                            119.60 ct                              43.33 ct

        Imperial Topaz                     Morganite                   African Aquamarine               Morganite                              Citrine

              15.88 ct                              28.34 ct                               50.69 ct                              33.35 ct                              26.40 ct

      Travorite Garnet               Madeira Citrine                 Pink Tourmaline                   Lime Citrine                      Aquamarine

              114.48 ct                              26.21 ct                              30.28 ct                              20.61 ct

             Morganite                        Aquamarine                      Trillion Citrine                  Imperial Topaz

How a gemstone looks is all-important.  People buy a gem so that it will look good, both to themselves and to others.  That's where good cutting comes in.  Many gemstones only sparkle around the outside with a kind of dead spot in the middle.  this is known as a "windowed" or "fish eye" gemstone.  When the bottom facets are cut at too shallow an angle, the light passes through without being reflected.  This results in a stone with a ring of brightness around the outside and a lighter colored "window" in the center.  (See photo.) 

With a little practice, a "windowed" or "fish eye" gemstone is easy to recognize.  Notice in picture that you can see right through and even read through the gem on the left with poor cutting.  This is a good test to apply to any gemstone before you buy.  The gemstone on the right was faceted using the correct angles on a modern machine.


Poor cutting belongs to a bygone era when customers were not educated or picky enouth to care about the quality of their gem.  A simple "colored stone" becomes a real GEM with good cutting.

We would like to get a selection of gemstones in for you to

view side by side.  From there we design your custom piece

around your special gemstone.


To view Joh Dyer's full catalog online CLICK HERE.


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