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"Making Dreams Come True"

The Process of Your Custom Bridal Jewelry... from Imagination to Reality

Every custom design tells a story.  It is the story of taking a raw concept and creating a piece that exceeds everyone's expectations.  Once in a while, a special story emerges from a custom design.  This is such a story.  It illustrates the evolution of a complex concept into a true masterpiece.  The story also exemplifies the importance of the teamwork ethic that occurs when our CAD artist and David put their respective talents together to solve issue of design, structure, assembly ease, stone setting issues, and the necessary finishing techniques that are required to bring the beauty of the design to light.

We had a client that was interested in having something made that was totally different, unique and with lots of "pizzazz."  David came up with a very intricate and distinctive concept and worked with his CAD expert on the creation.  The design called for numerous stone sizes, types and colors

as well as being comprised of several different metal types.  Therefore, the design would be created with many separate parts.  


David also had to create a model that would allow for the easiest and most effective method for him to assemble.  Each part needed the ability to "snap" into place to alleviate any problems associated with trying to solder small elements to larger elements of the design.  Consideration to the degree of polishing for each part prior to and after assembly was a prime focus as well.



There were several revisions necessitated by the overall complexity of this concept.  That closely knit relationship between his CAD artists and David was easily handled by a series of working renderings depicting solutions to structural and aesthetic issues that arose.  As the work progress on a ring as elaborate as this design, our CAD department made up plastic resin models to use so that David could show his client every step of the way.  As the process evolved, the design took on a life of its own.


With all the technical issues and visual elements solved and approved, we were able to produce the prototype models and cast the various parts in the desired metals.  This one design was comprised of a palladium base and bezel, 18K rose gold halo, and 18K royal gold side bezels.   This piece was featured in a two page article written about "Detail Work" in the January 2008 issue of MJSA journal.  The story of this design and its creation was the highlight article in that issue dedicated to "Dream Makers, Turning Design Ideas into Reality with CAD/CAM."


While this story is that of turning a complex process into a workable, beautiful and totally unique item, the reality is that most request for CAD work is much less involved.  Through the constant evolution of CAD software and rapid prototyping equipment, the custom process runs very smoothly, efficiently and results in a level of satisfaction that was not possible a decade ago.  So let your imagination run wild and keep pushing the envelope on custom design and , as your Custom Jeweler together with our CAD service, we will wrok closely with you in the pursuit of moving from conception to perfection!

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